Simfund MF User Guide

Part I: Basics

Simfund Mutual Fund Database Overview
Database Summary
Simfund How-to Guide - Old vs. New
Simfund Quick Start Guide
The General Process: Building a Query

Part II: Special Features

Saving Your Work
Batch Jobs: Automating Your Work
Lists: Peer Groups and Other Criteria
Fee and Expense Analysis Guidelines


Part III: Guide Tutorial/Basics

Lesson 1 - Analyze Monthly Net Flows and Assets by Manager
Lesson 2 - Equity Funds Assets and Flows by Morningstar Category
Lesson 3 - Industry Detailed Expense by Distribution Channel
Lesson 4 - Equity Index Funds Performance

Part IV: Guide Tutorial/Advanced

Lesson 1 - Identify Direct Channel Managers' Market Share of Assets
Lesson 2 - Ranking the Top Selling Funds
Lesson 3 - Analyzing Fee & Expense for Direct Domestic Equity Funds

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