Latin America Cross-Border Quarterly

The Strategic Insight Latin America Cross-Border reports series provides a behind-the-scenes look at the penetration and quarterly flows of cross-border funds in retail and institutional Latin American markets. This includes the wealth-management channel in U.S. booking centers, Latin capitals and the Caribbean, as well as the key AFP markets of the region with the largest appetite for cross-border products.

This in-depth qualitative analysis is dedicated to cross-border asset gathering in both the retail and institutional markets of the Latin American marketplace, based not on estimates but hard data provided to Strategic Insight by members of a consortium of elite global fund firms.

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  • Quarterly fund flows into the retail and institutional markets of Latin America, including the U.S. Offshore and Latam Offshore markets and the Caribbean
  • Quarterly fund-flow breakdowns and overall AUM by asset class and regional focus of the above markets
  • In-depth insights into one of the most opaque markets in the world: the Latin American private-client marketplace

About the Author

Thomas V. Ciampi is the founder and director of the research firm Latin Asset Management and the website Fund Pro Latin America, which provide global asset managers with vital insights and analysis on the onshore and offshore markets of Latin America. In addition to its proprietary consulting and research business, Latin Asset Management maintains several key partnerships with global consultants, such as Strategic Insight.

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