Regular Simfund MF Training Sessions

These are introductory sessions to Simfund MF.  Being able to use Simfund’s many capabilities can increase your analytical strength and help you be more productive.  We have several options for you to choose from, so that your learning process can match your personal needs.  We offer a Basic and an Intermediate Session.


1 hour


Simfund® Basics

Wed Sep 7th at 3pm
Wed Sep 21st at 3pm
Wed Oct 5th at 3pm
Wed Oct 19th at 3pm
Wed Nov 2nd at 3pm
Wed Nov 16th at 3pm

Simfund® Intermediate

Wed Sep 14th at 3pm
Wed Sep 28th at 3pm
Wed Oct 12th at 3pm
Wed Oct 26th at 3pm
Wed Nov 9th at 3pm
Wed Nov 23rd at 3pm

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please register for a Simfund MF training  by clicking here.

Once in the Webex calendar type Simfund MF in the search box to view all upcoming Simfund MF trainings.  Simply click on the “register” link and follow the instructions to register.
If you have any questions, please call Barita Velednitskiy, (212) 217-6863

Instructions to join session

1. Go to at 3:00PM EST. Please be on time as meeting starts promptly.
2. The session “Simfund MF Basics" or “Simfund MF Intermediate” will be in progress. Click on “Join.”
3. Call the Teleconference Center - (650) 429-3300.  Access code will be displayed once you log in to the meeting.

Prior to Session: Make sure you are compatible with WebEx

1. Go to and Register.
2. Go to Setup on the left of the screen and click on Meeting Manager
3.Click on Setup and follow instructions
4. If you cannot install through ActiveX Control, click on Install Using Java
5. Click “Yes” when you get a pop-up window
6. If this setup is not successful, it means you don’t have enough “Admin” rights to join the session.  Please consult with your IT department.

Teach yourself Simfund

How to use Simfund: its features and how to make basic and advanced queries.

  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide