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Strategic Insight’s fact-driven research provides timely analysis and commentary on our many practice areas, shedding light on a range of important industry themes. Our analyses focus on tactical and strategic implications in U.S. and international markets around critical topics such as identifying and engaging distribution opportunities, understanding evolving investor demand trends, staying abreast of product innovation, and more.

SI integrates a unique combination of fundamental data collection, competitive analytics, in-depth reports, and consultative business intelligence. With this powerful set of tools, our team of researchers, analysts, and subject matter experts is able to collaborate with firms of all sizes across the globe. Let us show you why we have been a trusted partner to the asset management industry for more than 30 years and help you meet your goals.

Latest Research

  Asset Management Asset Management Industry Market Sizing: 2016Five-year projections for mutual funds, ETFs, and other product structures; forecasts for assets and sales across distribution channels. September
  Global Regulation Singing in Global Unison Retail financial services reform being affected across the globe holds the potential to upend the current marketplace by redefining the relationship between clients, advisers, distributors and product manufacturers. August
  Distribution Analysis of External Fund Distribution Costs: 2016 Critical analysis and benchmarking around a range of intermediary payments, including sub-TA fees, revenue sharing, and other distribution/marketing costs. November
  Subadvisory SubadvisoryQuarterly analysis of current trends and dynamics in the subadvisory marketplace, using the Simfund Subadvisory database and proprietary research. July
  Distribution Fund Sales Benchmarking: 2016 Unique trends in fund sales, based on an annual survey of fund managers. June
  Global European Pension IntelligenceQuarterly overview of regulatory and legislative changes in the pensions landscape in key European countries. April
  Global Latin America Cross-Border Quarterly detailed analysis of the HNW retail investor markets in US and LatAm offshore booking centers. July
  Global Asia Cross-BorderQuarterly cross-border analysis of mutual fund trends and distribution dynamics in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. *Includes a monthly flow watch snapshot. May
  529 College Savings 529 Industry Analysis 2016 Annual in-depth analysis of the trends that will drive the 529 industry. April
  529 College Savings 529 Distribution Analysis 2016 Annual study of how program managers and primary distributors can sell more 529 plans through financial advisers. December
  Annuity Annuity Quarterly analysis of issues and opportunities within the annuity industry. October
  Global Partner Research: Global Themes Regulation, Retirement, FinTech, Asset Management Four reports that examine a variety of high-profile topics that transcend borders from our sister firm, Toronto-based Investor Economics. July
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Our Research Team

Dennis Bowden Managing Director, U.S. Research
Paul Curley, CFA Director, College Savings Research
Bryan Liu Managing Director, Global Research
Jeffrey Strange Managing Director, U.S. Research
Tamiko Toland Managing Director, Retirement Income Consulting
Goshka Folda President and CEO, Investor Economics
Guy Armstrong Managing Director, Investor Economics
Carlos Cardone Senior Managing Director, Investor Economics
Keith H. Sjögren Managing Director, Consulting, Investor Economics


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