New Fund Filings

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New Fund Filings Review: September 2019      10/29/2019
  Subadvisory relationships served a large role in new fund registrations during September, with 13 newly registered funds employing external management. Harbor Capital Advisors filed for the highest number of funds during the month with a series of six sub-advised US and International Equity funds. Oelschlager Investments registered its first mutual funds through a pair of domestic equity offerings.
New Fund Filings Review: August 2019      9/27/2019
  August saw a spike in new fund registrations, with 75 new mutual funds and ETFs announced during the month compared to 39 in July. August's filings were broken down across 38 mutual funds and 37 ETFs. Fund managers registered ten actively-managed ETFs in the month, extending beyond short maturity bond funds into international markets and private vehicle replication.
New Fund Filings Review: July 2019      8/27/2019
  Multiple firms announced plans to enter the registered fund market in July, with new filings from BondHouse Advisors, Red Cedar Investment Management, and Theseus Capital. Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors filed for two sub-advised funds that invest according to Catholic guidelines. Franklin Templeton registered a fund investing in municipal bonds whose proceeds are used to promote environmental sustainability.
New Fund Filings Review: June 2019      7/26/2019
  American Century registered a series of ten actively-managed mutual funds and ETFs in June, taking five strategies and cloning them across both structures. Liquid Strategies filed for five active ETFs that act as funds of funds while employing an options strategy. Krane Fund Advisors unveiled plans for an ETF investing in carbon credit futures contracts.
New Fund Filings Review: May 2019      6/25/2019
  May saw the registration of a number of ESG-related funds. Aberdeen Asset Management filed for a series of six ETFs - all of which include an ESG screen. Advisors Preferred registered four funds featuring Flexible Plan Investments as a sub-advisor, including a fund that incorporates both ESG and BRI criteria. First Trust Advisors announced plans to launch an actively managed, sub-advised environmental-oriented ETF.