New Fund Filings

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New Fund Filing Review: January 2015      2/26/2015
  Several long/short funds were registered in January. Pacific Life, Virtus, and Gotham Asset Management all filed long/short equity funds, and DoubleLine plans a long/short commodity fund. PIMCO announced a series of funds employing Research Affiliates' fundamental weighting methodology. Saturna Capital, Columbia, and ClearBridge Investments filed socially responsible investing funds. Guggenheim and First Trust registered closed-end funds.
New Fund Filing Review: December 2014       1/29/2015
  Socially conscious funds proved popular in December. SEI and Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors filed equity and fixed income funds which adhere to Catholic values in making investment decisions. American Century filed several funds which will not invest in tobacco companies. Several firms registered multi-asset income funds. Russell, Neuberger Berman, and Morgan Stanley all filed funds which will seek high current income by investing across different asset classes. U.K based asset manager Baillie Gifford registered a series of international equity funds. TransAmerica announced a new lineup of target date funds to be sub-advised by QS Investors. Over 60 exchange-traded funds were registered in December, including a series of equal weight international funds filed by Van Eck.
New Fund Filing Review: November 2014      12/19/2014
  Non-traditional bond strategies were popular, as the prospect of rising rates continues to spur innovation. Nationwide and T. Rowe Price announced new unconstrained bond funds, and Goldman Sachs registered a multi-manager bond fund which will invest across fixed income asset classes. New registrations for stock funds continue to be dominated by international equity products. Federated and Allianz filed international equity dividend funds, and Driehaus plans a frontier emerging markets fund. AQR announced a new lineup of tax managed equity funds.
New Fund Filing Review: October 2014      11/25/2014
  International Equity strategies saw a global real estate registration from NeubergerBerman, a global equity income offering from Brandes and a go-anywhere international fund from Intrepid. Bond fund registrations included a strategic muni strategy from Napier Park Global, an intermediate duration corporate bond product from SEI and a high yield bond strategy from Westwood Management. Alternative funds again were popular with several different strategies being introduced. Closed-End fund activity remained steady with offerings from Cube Capital and Prophecy Asset Management.
New Fund Filing Review: September 2014       10/27/2014
  International Equity strategies saw several specialized offerings introduced. Bond fund registrations included a high yield offering from Oaktree Finance, and long duration total return product from DoubleLine and an Emerging Markets Debt strategy from Dreyfus. Alternative funds again were popular with several different strategies being introduced. Closed-End fund activity remained steady with offerings from Dreyfus and Princeton Fund Advisors.