Monthly Highlights

Every month we provide a snapshot of fund industry results and developments, using the latest available data from Strategic Insight, which is released roughly three weeks after each month-end

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Monthly Highlights: November 2014      12/12/2014
  Net new investment in stock and bond funds was strong in November, with inflows totaling $52.7 billion. Net intake to Equity products totaled $34 billion in November, led by a $23 billion inflow to US Equity. Among equity vehicles, demand prevailed for exchange traded products which attracted a net $36 billion. Inflows to Bond funds totaled $18.7 billion, led by demand for Corporate Bond General (+$8.2 billion), Corporate High Quality (+$3.8 billion), and Corporate High Yield (+$3.5 billion) funds. Average one-month returns of stock and bond funds were positive across broad asset classes in November, led by a 1.9% return on US Equity. International Equity strategies returned an average 0.9% in November, while Bond funds ended the month slightly higher at 0.3%.
Monthly Highlights: October 2014      11/17/2014
  Long-term fund type net inflows totaled $29.6 billion in October. Net intake to Equity products totaled $16.8 billion in October, led by a $20 billion inflow to US Equity. October was the first month of 2014 which saw outflows from International Equity funds, but net redemptions were limited to $3.2 billion. Bond funds attracted $12.9 billion during the month, on inflows to Corporate Bond General ($12.5 billion), Government Short Maturity (+$6.5 billion) and Corporate High Quality (+$6.1 billion). Despite global economic concerns of slowing growth, average Equity fund returns ended the month higher in October. US Equity funds returned 2.4%, while International Equity fund returns were flat on average at 0.2%. Taxable and Tax-Free Bond fund returns were also positive at 0.7% and 0.6%, respectively.
Monthly Highlights: September 2014      10/15/2014
  Long-term fund type net outflows totaled $900 million in September. Net intake to Equity products totaled $18.8 billion in September. Demand for International Equity funds persisted during the month, attracting $13 billion. US Equity funds attracted $5.8 billion in September on continued demand for Natural Resources (+$2.1 billion) and Income-Mixed (+$1 billion). Outflows from long-term fund types were the result of a $23.1 billion aggregate net outflow from Taxable Bond funds during the month. Objectives Corporate Intermediate Maturity (-$21.4 billion) and Corporate High Yield (-$6.7 billion) drove outflows from the asset class. Tax-Free Bond funds experienced net inflows totaling $3.4 billion. Equity funds experienced negative one-month returns in September, as growth concerns in the ex-US markets produced a -4.1% average return for International Equity funds during the month. US Equity funds ended September lower, recording a -2.4% average one-month return. Taxable Bond funds were also negative at -1.0% during the month, while Tax-Free Bond funds ended the month slightly higher with an average 0.2% return.
Monthly Highlights: August 2014      9/15/2014
  Long-term fund types attracted $29 billion in August, lifting year-to-date net inflows to $319 billion. August saw a $15.3 billion net inflow to Equity products, attributable to a $15.1 billion net intake to International Equity funds. Flow-leading International Equity strategies included International Emerging Market Equity (+$2.7 billion), International Equity Alternative – Other (+$1.3 billion) and International Total Return (+$1.2 billion). Net flows to US Equity were light at +$200 million, but successful objectives in the space included Natural Resources (+$1 billion) and Income – Mixed (+$864 million). Demand for Bond funds in August persisted, with Taxable Bond funds attracting a net $10.3 billion and Tax-Free Bond fund flows totaling $3.4 billion. Flow-leading objectives among Bond funds included Corporate Bond General (+$3.1 billion), Government General (+$2.8 billion) and Government Intermediate Maturity (+$2.4 billion). Money Market fund net deposits totaled $34.9 billion in August.
Monthly Highlights: July 2014      8/15/2014
  Long-term fund types attracted $30 billion in July, lifting year-to-date net inflows to $293 billion. Aggregate net inflows to Equity funds in July totaled $18.2 billion, driven by a $15.2 billion inflow to International Equity funds. International Total Return (+$1.8 billion) and Emerging Market Equity (+$1.6 billion) were the objectives with the highest inflows in the asset class. US Equity fund inflows (+$3 billion) were driven by demand for income-oriented mutual funds (+$1.2 billion) as well as exchange-traded products. Short- and intermediate-term strategies led Julys $11.8 billion inflow to bond funds. Flow-leading taxable bond objectives included Corporate Bond General (+$5.3 billion) and Corporate Short Maturity (+$3.4 billion), while the $1.6 billion July inflow to Tax-Free Bond funds was driven by demand for Muni-Short funds (+$1.1 billion). Average cumulative return on equity funds was -2.1% for US Equity and -1.5% for International Equity. Taxable Bond funds’ average return was -0.4%, while Tax-Free Bond funds averaged a 0.1% return.