Industry Briefings

We encourage our clients to use these presentations, in their entirety or otherwise, internally throughout their respective companies. You may contact us if you need updates.


Avi NachmanyKey Forces Shaping the US Mutual Fund Industry
This presentation highlights important trends impacting the U.S. fund industry including investor demand trends, product innovations, and the evolving sentiment of financial advisors.


Dennis BowdenKey Trends in US Mutual Fund & ETF Distribution
A look at key trends within the US distribution space for both mutual funds and ETFs. Includes breakdowns of the fastest-growing channels, key demand trends across distribution channels (BDs vs. RIAs vs. Bank & Trust, etc.), and perspective on retail vs. institutional use of ETFs.


Bridget BeardenDefined Contribution Market Overview
This presentation features SI's growth outlook for defined contribution and highlights a few key opportunities within the defined contribution marketplace, including investment-only, mega plans, and target date funds.


Avi NachmanyPerspectives on ETFs



Tamiko TolandSub-Advisory Market Overview
This presentation offers key trends within both the mutual fund and variable annuity sub-advised marketplaces, active vs. passive sub-advised strategies, key mandate change trends, and top mandate-winning categories and managers .