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Coates Analytics & Strategic Insight
National Broker Dealer Distribution Opportunities:
Quarterly Competitive Intelligence and Analysis: Q1’2009

  • Which investment styles have been growing the fastest at national broker dealers?

  • How do the determinants of fund sales success differ across mutual fund wrap and commission-based platforms?

  • Who have been the winners within the national broker dealer market space and where might the opportunities lie moving forward?

The Q1’2009 version of this report is being
provided in its entirety as a free example of this subscription based series:

Click here to download the full Q1’2009 report


Announcing a new quarterly report series:

Coates Analytics & Strategic Insight
National Broker Dealer Distribution Opportunities:
Quarterly Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

Successful sales through the National Broker-Dealer channel are more important than ever. That’s because financial intermediaries are increasingly dominating sales of investment products, and Strategic Insight research shows that National Broker Dealers still account for the largest proportion of mutual fund sales (over 30%) of any distribution channel within the industry. But how do you gain perspective of the National BD landscape, the trends and the opportunities?

To help investment management firms navigate the National BD marketplace, Coates Analytics and Strategic Insight are pleased to announce a new joint research partnership. This new, subscription-based quarterly report series will encompass regular studies of roughly 40- pages that provide important competitive benchmarking, peer group analysis, and actionable information related to selling through National Broker Dealers. The reports combine the distinctive sales and distribution data in Coates Analytics’ Distribution Management SystemTM with the industry perspective and expertise of Strategic Insight and the unique integrated data of SI’s Simfund database – using data on roughly $200 billion of annual sales to allow for specific and tactical implementation by your team.

For example, some key findings from the Q1’2009 report:

  • Sales of taxable and municipal bond funds combined made up two-thirds of new sales within commission-based platforms, while still making up less than one-half of new sales within wrap platforms.

  • Several fixed-income funds that were not top-ranked in total return still found significant sales success if highly ranked in yield.

  • Despite the downturn in equity markets during Q1, all three large cap equity style box categories ranked in the top 10 selling investment styles within each of commission-based, wrap and SMA platforms during the quarter.

Some of the key distribution competitive-intelligence themes which will be covered on an ongoing quarterly basis include:

  • Strategically targeting the varying and evolving opportunities across each of the mutual fund wrap, commission-based and separately managed account market segments.

  • Identifying how the determinants of fund sales success differ across each of mutual fund wrap, commission-based and SMA platforms.

  • Ranking the top selling and fastest growing investment styles across each of mutual fund wrap, SMA and commission based platforms.

  • Tracking the top selling funds across investment styles within each platform type, and providing additional analysis on the drivers of their success.

  • Providing geographic sales data by platform type.

  • Analyzing net flow data by both investment style and manager, including perspective on ETF use within national broker dealer platforms.

This quarterly report series, bringing together the collective knowledge, expertise and data of Strategic Insight and Coates Analytics, provides unique and actionable analysis and competitive benchmarking of the National BD distribution channel.

To demonstrate why this ongoing annual series of four quarterly reports is essential to any strategic planning for National BD sales, we are offering the First Quarter 2009 version free for your perusal. Take advantage of this one-time offer and download the Q1’2009 version above. Then feel free to contact Strategic Insight’s Dan Weinerman (; (212) 217-6897) to find out more about the report and ordering information; you can also contact Coates Analytics’ Todd Buck (; (610) 558-1323) for more information.


Subscription Options
The Q1’09 version of this new quarterly report series is being provided in its entirety as a free example. Future reports will be available via subscription only.

To learn more about subscription options or to request additional information, contact:

Dan Weinerman at Strategic Insight
(212) 217-6897

You can also contact
Todd Buck at Coates Analytics
(610) 558-1323





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