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The Leading Retirement Plan Provider Search and Benchmarking Tool

Strategic Insight and PLANSPONSOR are pleased to announce Pathfinder 2.0, the leading unbiased retirement plan provider search tool and benchmarking tool used by financial advisers, consultants, and broker/dealers. With Pathfinder, users can quickly run side-by-side reports of different recordkeeping platform capabilities and pricing, providing a more efficient and streamlined request for proposal (RFP) and due diligence process.

MetLife Pathfinder – May 15, 2012

Interview with Geoffrey Ward, National Director of MetLife Pension Resource Center

How Pathfinder Can Help You

With Pathfinder, users can now perform due diligence by documenting their RFI and RFP process to determine the most suitable recordkeeper and administrator for an adviser's plan sponsor clients and prospects.

Value-Add for Advisers

  • • Help advisers build their retirement business
  • • Help advisers boost productivity by leveraging a powerful tool to assist in the RFP and due diligence process
  • • Create client-ready reports
  • • Generate automated side-by-side provider comparisons

Workflow Integration

  • • Streamline the process of comparing providers side by side
  • • Save time by submitting pricing requests to providers through the tool
  • • Save time by inviting providers to respond on fund mapping
  • • Monitor status of provider responses

Compliance Documentation

  • • Establish a rigorous process for performing recordkeeper searches
  • • Define the custom criteria used to match plan sponsors with a recordkeeper
  • • Retain records on search process and side-by-side comparisons
  • • Retain records on provider responses on pricing and fund mappings

Key Features

  • • Search on more than 450 criteria on provider capabilities
  • • Access more than 100 service provider products
  • • Customize search criteria based on plan sponsor needs
  • • Weigh search criteria by importance based on plan sponsor needs
  • • View side-by-side comparison of provider data
  • • Narrow down providers based on best match scoring
  • • Submit pricing requests and fund mappings to providers
  • • Create and customize client-ready reports