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ETF FlowWatch - August 2016   Sep 26 2016
  During August, worldwide ETFs accumulated $40 billion in net flows amid continued recovery of global stock markets. Equity ETFs led with $25 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) products garnering $12 billion and $3 billion, respectively. ETF assets shattered its previous record and stood at over $3.3 trillion globally.Fortune SG Fund Management, the joint venture between China’s Baosteel Group and Societe Generale, launched two new ETFs in August, Fortune SG CSI ALL Share CSI Index ETF Fund and Fortune SG CSI National Defense ETF Fund, collecting $96 million $81 million in net new money, respectively in China.

Global FlowWatch - July 2016   Sep 20 2016
  Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted $87 billion in net flows during July, over three times higher than the June result. Bond products led the way for the fifth month in a row by gathering approximately $82 billion in net subscriptions. Mixed and “other” vehicles followed with $18 billion and $11 billion in net new investor money, respectively. On the contrary, equity vehicles suffered $25 billion in net redemptions during the month, making it the fourth consecutive month of net outflows since March 2016. At the regional level, the U.S. and International/Cross-border regions attracted a similar aggregate of net flows accumulating nearly $28 billion each. Asia, Local Europe, and Canada added about $32 billion combined, while Latin America saw moderate net outflows of roughly $2 billion for the month.

Europe FlowWatch - July 2016   Sep 6 2016
  During the month of July, investors deposited a net €35 billion into long-term funds. Bond products garnered the most new money at €29 billion, while “other” and mixed funds contributed over €16 billion collectively. Meanwhile equity vehicles experienced continuous withdrawals, totaling €8 billion in net outflows during the month. At the category level, Bond Emerging Markets led with roughly €9 billion in net new money, followed by Bond Global and Bond Europe with over €6 billion each. On the other hand, Equity Europe suffered nearly €17 billion in net redemptions, and Guaranteed/Protected also saw €2 billion in net withdrawals during July. Nordea 1 Stable Return fund, an Absolute Return Multi-Asset product domiciled in Luxembourg and largely sold across European countries, was the bestselling fund in the month with over €2 billion in net flows.

Asia FlowWatch - July2016   Sep 6 2016
  During July 2016, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw net inflows of $15 billion. Bond funds led with $12 billion, followed by real estate products ($2.1 billion), mixed funds ($2 billion),and guaranteed vehicles ($1.7 billion), also ‘other’ programs added close to $1.2 billion, whereas equity funds experienced $3.8 billion in net redemption for the month. Bond Asia Pacific was the top selling investment category, raising $12 billion across Asian markets, while Real Estate Equity (mainly in Japan) and Guaranteed/Protected (mostly from China) funds garnered roughly $2 billion each in net new money. By comparison, Equity Asia Pacific products suffered net outflows of over $2 billion in July.

Multi-Asset Begin to Shift to Absolute Return, Increasing Demand on ESG   Aug 31 2016
  After a volatile first quarter of 2016, many investors were caught by surprise in 2Q as U.K. voters decided in June to leave the European Union in a referendum dubbed “Brexit”. Amid the various economic and political uncertainties in 2016 and beyond, long-term mutual fund flows globally slowed down to $165 billion during the first half year of 2016, only achieving about 20% of the net flows garnered during the same period last year. Driven by investors’ needs of safety and income, bond funds and “other” products (mostly absolute return, alterative, real estate and guaranteed funds) collectively garnered $319 billion in net new cash during 1H’16, while equity and traditional mixed funds suffered $115 billion and $39 billion in net withdrawals, respectively.

ETF FlowWatch - July 2016   Aug 25 2016
  Worldwide ETFs surged in July 2016, amassing the largest inflows of the year to the tune of $56 billion amid broad recovery in the market. Equity ETFs recorded $35 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) products collecting $15 billion and $6 billion, respectively. ETFs achieved nearly $3.3 trillion in assets globally. China Universal CSI Shanghai SOEs Index ETF Fund in China was the largest ETF new launch in July, accumulating $2.2 billion in net flows. The product is developed by China Universal and consists of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) based in Shanghai.

Global FlowWatch - June 2016   Aug 22 2016
  Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted nearly $24 billion in net flows during June. Bond products led the way by gathering approximately $38 billion, followed by ‘other’ vehicles (which include absolute return, commodities, guaranteed, real estate and other alternative funds) with $20 billion. On the contrary, equity vehicles suffered $29 billion in net redemptions, while mixed funds saw outflows of $5 billion during the month. Overall long-term funds worldwide collected $159 billion in net new money in the first half of 2016, only achieving about 20% of the net flows garnered during the same period last year.