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Global FlowWatch - January 2016   Mar 23 2017
  Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted $124 billion in net flows during January 2017. Bond products led all major asset classes by gathering $66 billion in net new cash, followed by equity funds with $32 billion. Mixed asset products garnered about $16 billion while, ‘other’ vehicles, which includes absolute return, commodities, guaranteed, real estate and other alternative funds, added another $11 billion in net subscriptions. At the regional level, the U.S. took in the most amount of net new cash, totaling $49 billion during the month. Cross-border and local Europe followed with about $34 billion and $20 billion, respectively, while local Asia and Canada gathered a collective $22 billion in net deposits. Meanwhile, Latin America was the only region to experience aggregate net outflows during the month, with roughly $1 billion in net redemptions.

Asia FlowWatch - January 2017   Mar 7 2017
  During January 2017, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) garnered $17.4 billion in net flows. Equity funds led the contributions with $6.7 billion followed by bond products ($6.6 billion) while mixed funds gathered $4.2 billion. These gains were offset by net redemptions of $0.6 billion experienced by real estate funds.Equity Asia Pacific was the top selling investment category in January raising $6.5 billion in net flows, primarily from Equity products in Japan. Bond Asia Pacific funds attracted $5.3 billion in net new money. By comparison, Real Estate Equity funds suffered net outflows of $0.5 billion during the month.

Europe FlowWatch - January 2017   Mar 7 2017
  During January long-term funds in local Europe and the cross-border space gained €50.9 billion in net flows. Bond products were the top selling asset class for the month, collecting €23 billion in January. Mixed and equity funds followed with €11.2 billion and €7.9 billion of net gains, respectively, while "other" funds (including real estate) collectively gained €8.9 billion during the month. Guaranteed funds suffered €78 million in net redemptions. Bond Global represented the best-selling category with €8.1 billion followed by Bond High Yield with €5 billion in net new cash. By comparison, Equity Emerging Markets and Equity Asia Pacific experienced €800 million and €426 million in net outflows, respectively during January.

ETF FlowWatch - January 2017   Mar 7 2017
  During January, worldwide ETFs surged with $64 billion in net flows driven by the robust expansion of the U.S. stock markets. Equity ETFs led with $45 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold products) ETFs garnering $17 billion and $2 billion, respectively. ETFs assets set a new record and stood at nearly $3.66 trillion globally. Source Bloomberg Commodity UCITS ETF A USD was the largest ETF launch in January 2017, accumulating $873 million in net flows. The ETF tracks the Bloomberg Commodity Index and commodities within the index are weighted two-thirds by liquidity and one-third by global production. The ETF is managed by Source and is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Global FlowWatch - December 2016   Feb 22 2017
  Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted $18 billion in net flows during December 2016, with net inflows of $23 billion from equity funds partly offset by more than $7 billion in net redemptions out of mostly alternative equity products and commodity funds in the U.S. Overall, the 2016 full year long-term fund flows reached $570 billion globally, a decline of 33% compared to the 2015 result. At the regional level, Asia led the contributions collecting $253 billion over the past 12 months, followed by Local Europe ($132 billion) and the U.S. ($89 billion). Cross-border and Canada experienced net inflows totaling $62 billion and $36 billion, respectively, for the full year 2016, while Latin America was the only region to record net outflows amounting to $2 billion.

4Q 2016 - Asia, Local Europe, and Cross-Border   Feb 10 2017
  During 4Q’16, over 1,400 long-term funds were launched across Asia, Europe and Cross-Border markets, gathering $85.7 billion in net flows, 15% higher than that of previous quarter. This increase was mainly driven by product development in Asia, where more than $60 billion were deposited into 874 new funds. China remained the top-selling market in 4Q’16, collecting $53.2 billion in net flows mostly from bond funds. Those Bond CNY programs, usually structured as “new” or “innovative” closed-end funds as well as interval closed-end funds, often have a shorter IPO period, a small number of investors and a closed period of one to three years. Many of those funds are designed to serve institutional investors including banks, insurance companies and trust companies.

ETF FlowWatch - December 2016   Feb 6 2017
  Despite surprising results of Brexit and the U.S. presidential election during 2016, net flows into ETF products globally surged to a record high of $387 billion over the past year ($63 billion in December 2016), a slight increase of $17 billion from 2015’s result. The U.S. again led with nearly three-quarters of the total flows or $272 billion, which was followed by Europe and Asia at $56 billion $46 billion, respectively. Canada ETF flows totaled $12 billion, while Australia took in a moderate $2 billion. Latin America, however, suffered $ 1 billion in net redemptions during 2016. Driven by the highest annual inflows and positive market returns over the past year, the global ETF AUM also reached a new record of $3.52 trillion as of year-end 2016.