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New Funds In Global Markets: Q3 2014   Nov 20 2014
  Long-term launches in Asia, Europe, and Cross-Border collected $58 billion during Q3 2014, split roughly 50-50 between Europe (including Cross-Border) and Asia. Income-oriented funds with distributions were notable best sellers among new introductions in all regions.

Global FlowWatch - September 2014   Nov 19 2014
  Investors worldwide deposited a modest US$10 billion into long-term funds for September 2014 bringing the year-to-date net flows to US$905 billion. Regionally, Local Europe garnered the most new money at US$11 billion, followed by Canada (US$4 billion), international cross-border markets (US$3 billion), and Latin America (US$2 billion). The long-term fund flows in the U.S. were flat, whereas Asia experienced US$10 billion in net redemptions during the month. Globally, mixed and multi-asset products gained US$22 billion in net flows, and ‘other’ funds including real estate and alternative investment products added US$3 billion; on the other hand, equity funds saw outflows of close to US$1 billion and bond funds at US$15 billion. Notably within the bond category, the Pimco Total Return fund in the U.S. was the largest contributor of outflows with US$24 billion in net redemptions during September.

Europe FlowWatch - September 2014   Nov 7 2014
  During September, long-term Cross-Border and local European funds collectively gathered €11 billion in net new flows. Of the total, Cross-border funds raised €2.5 billion, the lowest amount since Aug 2013. In both regions, Mixed products led flows, collectively raising €12.9 billion, while Bond funds followed with €2.9 billion. On the other hand, Equity and Guaranteed vehicles suffered net redemptions of €4.1 billion and €1.2 billion,respectively.

Asia FlowWatch - September 2014   Nov 7 2014
  In September, long-term funds in Asia suffered nearly $10 billion in net redemptions, largely attributed to the $15 billion outflows from China. Excluding China, total net flows reached $5.3 billion in Asia. Real Estate products raised the most money with $2.6 billion (mainly from Japan), followed by Mixed funds ($1.8 billion), and Bond vehicles ($0.9 billion). Flows to ‘Other’ funds were relatively flat and offset by the slight redemptions from Equity and Guaranteed funds.

ETF FlowWatch - September 2014   Nov 4 2014

Global FlowWatch - August 2014   Oct 23 2014
  During August, investors deposited $98 billion net globally into long-term mutual funds. This brought the year-to-date total to $895 billion nearing 2013’s full-year result. Bond funds led the way collecting half of the August net flows or $49 billion, followed by equity and mixed vehicles attracting around $20 billion each, and “other” products including real estate and alternative investment funds garnered $11 billion. All regions recorded positive long-term fund flows this month, with the U.S. and Local Europe leading the contributions with $27 billion and $21 billion, respectively. Cross-border, Asian and Latin American regions each took in between $13 billion to $18 billion, while Canada added $4 billion for the month.

Europe FlowWatch - August 2014   Oct 7 2014
  During August, long-term Cross-Border and local European funds collectively gathered €29 billion in net new flows, about 40% less than last month. Bond products raised €14 billion, Mixed funds €9 billion, and Equity and ‘Other’ vehicles around €4 billion each. Guaranteed products suffered outflows of €0.8 billion.