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ETF FlowWatch - February 2015   Apr 20 2015
  ETFs garnered inflows of $47 billion worldwide in February 2015, bringing the total for the first two months of the year to $67 billion. ETFs continued to climb toward global assets of $3 trillion, ending February just shy of $2.9 trillion. Following a rare month of flat demand in January, inflows in the U.S rebounded to $31 billion in February. Fixed income funds led the way, as bond ETFs of all styles attracted $14 billion of net deposits. ETF assets in the U.S., which had dipped below $2 trillion in January, eclipsed that milestone again in February and stood at $2.1 trillion at the end of the month.

Global FlowWatch - February 2015   Apr 17 2015
  For the month of February, investors deposited a net $185 billion into long-term funds globally. Bond funds led flows with $73 billion, followed by Equity products at $51 billion, Mixed at $41 billion, and ‘Others’ vehicles at $20 billion. On a regional level, the U.S. captured the most flows with $64 billion. The Cross-border space came in second with $49 billion, while local Europe, Asia, and Canada added $40 billion, $20 billion, and $10 billion, respectively.

Europe FlowWatch - February 2015   Apr 6 2015
  Investors in Europe deposited a net €79 billion into long-term funds in February, with €43 billion of which coming from cross-border products. Bond vehicles gathered the most new money at €27 billion, followed by Mixed funds at €23 billion, Equity products at €18 billion, and 'Other' funds at €11 billion

Asia FlowWatch - February 2015   Apr 5 2015
  In February 2015, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw $21 billion in net inflows, of which $9 billion was contributed by China. Mixed products led the way with $6.1 billion ($5 billion from China), closely followed by Equity ($5.5 billion), Bond ($4.6 billion), and real estate funds ($3.8 billion). ‘Other’ funds, including alternative and guaranteed products, raised close to $0.7 billion for the month.

Multi-Asset Strategies Shine in Asia   Mar 31 2015
  Last year was one of the best years for cross-border fund managers in Asia, despite a slowdown of fund sales during the last quarter. Largely Luxembourg- and Ireland-domiciled UCITS funds attracted $25 billion in net flows in three core Asian markets – Hong Kong (estimated $10.1 billion), Taiwan ($9.2 billion), and Singapore ($5.5 billion), the highest result since 2010.

Distribution in Global Asset Management   Mar 26 2015
  As the global mutual fund industry is on track to eclipse $100 trillion by 2030 or earlier, the diverse needs around distribution overall highlight the immense opportunities for a wide range of asset managers, despite growing business complexities. Understanding sales flow patterns into cross-border and local funds, along with key drivers of non-performance related distribution trends across product, brand, thought leadership and client service will help a range of managers make inroads into new markets.

Global FlowWatch - January 2015   Mar 23 2015
  In January, investors deposited a net $107 billion into long-term funds globally. All asset classes posted strong inflows, led by Bond funds with $48 billion, followed by Mixed products at $26 billion, Equity at $18 billion, and ‘Others’ vehicles at $16 billion. Regionally, Local Europe and Cross-border markets attracted $28 billion each in net new money, while the U.S., Asia and Canada received $25 billion, $23 billion and $5 billion, respectively. Meanwhile, Latin America saw $2 billion in net redemptions for the month.