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1Q 2018 - Asia, Local Europe and Cross-Border  Jun 19 2018
Long-term funds launched across Asia, Europe and cross-border markets during 1Q 2018 gathered over $100 billion in net new flows, representing the highest new fund net sales since 2Q 2015. With nearly $60 billion spread across 920 new products, Asia continued to be the global fund industry leader. Nevertheless, net subscriptions into cross-border funds remained on the rise, reaching close to $25 billion during the first quarter of 2018, while demand for local Europe continued to fall, albeit managing to attain $18 billion.

Global FlowWatch - April 2018  Jun 6 2018

Regional Insights: Asia Cross-Border - 2H 2017  Jun 5 2018
The “Asia Cross-Border" report focuses on three major Asian markets, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, where the fund industry is dominated by cross-border funds that can be sold directly to retail investors. This report combines assets and net flows of both local and cross-border funds; provides a holistic picture of mutual fund trends and distribution dynamics in those three markets; and features “mini” case studies that highlight the unique approaches of successful managers to product and distribution in each of those markets.

ETF FlowWatch- April 2018  Jun 5 2018
During April, worldwide ETFs accumulated $34 billion in net flows amid continued recovery of the global stock markets. Bond ETFs led with $19 billion in net new money, followed by equity and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) products garnering $13 billion and $2 billion, respectively. ETF assets climbed to $4.948 trillion globally. In the U.S., bond ETFs recorded $16 billion of net flows, while equity products gathered $10 billion in net new cash. Notably, Bond USD – Short Term and Bond North America attracted the most net subscriptions, totaling a combined $14 billion for the month. CCB Principal MSCI China A Index ETF Fund was the largest ETF new launch in April 2018, garnering nearly $325 million. The MSCI China A Index captures large and mid-cap representation across China securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges and are accessible through “Stock Connect”.

Global FlowWatch - March 2018  May 9 2018

2017 Recap and 2018 Outlook for Foreign Managers in Japan  May 8 2018
Against the backdrop of a strong bull market and a positive economic outlook, the global mutual fund industry experienced substantial growth and inflows in 2017. In Asia, however, growth was only moderate due mainly to net redemptions in China throughout the year, while Japan stood out with solid net inflows, a result that benefited both foreign and local fund companies. In early 2018, Japan sent shockwaves through the institutional asset management market as the Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)—the largest public pension fund in the world—announced changes in the performance-related fee structure for active asset managers.

ETF FlowWatch- March 2018  May 8 2018
Worldwide ETFs recorded $19 billion in net flows during March 2018. Equity ETFs led with $12 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity ETFs gathering $4 billion and $3 billion, respectively. ETFs assets climbed to $4.888 trillion globally. In the U.S., equity products suffered $11 billion in net redemptions amid market volatility. On the other hand, bond products accumulated $4 billion of inflows while commodity products took in over $1 billion in net flows. ETFs in Europe added a modest $1 billion in net new cash, bringing total ETF assets to $818 billion as of March 2018 in the region. Asia amassed $20 billion of net flows, doubling the amount of the month prior, mostly attributed to Equity Japan collecting over $14 billion of inflows.

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