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Global FlowWatch - November 2014  Jan 16 2015
In November, investors poured $95 billion net into long-term funds globally, adding up to $1 trillion in net flows year-to-date. Bond programs accounted for 45%, or $43 billion, of the total long-term flows, equity funds gathered $29 billion, mixed vehicles received $20 billion, while ‘other’ products saw $3 billion in net new money for the month. In terms of region, the US consisted of more than half of the November contributions with $52 billion, closely followed by Europe, which includes local and cross-border vehicles, collecting $44 billion; Canada added over $4 billion, while Asia and Latin America experienced $4 billion and $1 billion in net redemptions, respectively.

ETF FlowWatch - November 2014  Jan 6 2015
Worldwide ETF assets reached $2.7 trillion in November, of which nearly $2 trillion came from the US. ETFs globally collected $39 billion for the second consecutive month. Equity ETFs lead flow contributions with $33 billion ($36 billion from the US offset by outflows in Asia), followed by Bond ETFs with $6.7 billion, while ‘Other’ ETFs saw $0.6 billion in net redemptions for the month.

Asia FlowWatch - November 2014  Jan 5 2015
In November, long-term funds in local Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw $3.5 billion in net redemptions, largely attributed to $14.4 billion in outflows from Japan. Bond funds (mostly in India) collected nearly $4.5 billion in net new money and mixed products attracted $3 billion, while equity (mostly in Japan) and real estate products recorded net outflows of $9.5 billion and $1.3 billion, respectively.

Europe FlowWatch - November 2014  Jan 5 2015
During November, long-term funds in Cross-Border and local European markets together collected €35 billion in net flows. Bond funds garnered €15 billion, an increase of 57% from the prior month, followed by mixed and multi-asset products with €10 billion, while equity and ‘other’ funds tailed behind with roughly €5 billion each for the month.

Global FlowWatch - October 2014  Dec 16 2014
For the month of October, investors globally net deposited $54 billion into long-term funds, which brought estimated year-to-date net flows to $958 billion. US funds, including variable annuities, led the contributions collecting $27 billion in net new money during October, followed by Asia ($23 billion), Local Europe ($9 billion) and Canada ($2 billion), while flows into Latin America were virtually flat. However, cross-border funds experienced $6 billion in net redemptions, the first month of net outflows so far this year. Bond vehicles took in the most new money at $29 billion, and mixed/multi-asset as well as equity funds added $17 billion and $10 billion, respectively; meanwhile 'Other' funds saw $2 billion in net redemptions for the month

ETF FlowWatch - October 2014  Dec 10 2014
Worldwide ETF assets surpassed $2.6 trillion in October, of which $1.9 trillion came from the US. ETF net flows reached $39 billion globally, five times more than the prior month: Bond and Equity ETFs each collected around $19 billion with the majority coming from the US, while ‘Other’ ETFs added $1.4 billion for the month.

Asia FlowWatch - October 2014  Dec 9 2014
Local Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw $23.2 billion in net long-term fund flows in October, of which $10.5 billion came from Japan. Equity funds led with $13 billion (half of the flows from Japan), followed by Bond products ($6 billion), and Mixed funds ($2.6 billion). 'Other' funds including Real Estate vehicles gathered $2 billion, while Guaranteed funds experienced slight outflows for the month. 

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