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Strong and Steady Expansion Bring in $660 Billion  Aug 25 2014
During the first six months of this year, equity/mixed, bond, and other long-term mutual funds and ETFs around the world expanded with strong and steady commitments. June marked the fifth consecutive month of $100+ billion inflows, bringing the 1H’14 global fund net flows to an estimated $658 billion.

Global FlowWatch - June 2014  Aug 20 2014
Investors globally contributed $670 billion of new cash to long-term mutual funds during the first half of this year. Notably, bond funds accounted for 35% of the long-term fund flows worldwide, or $237 billion, while equity funds also took in about a third ($211 billion) of the net new money. Meanwhile, mixed and ‘other’ products garnered $155 billion and $67 billion, respectively. On a regional level, US funds led the way with almost $258 billion, followed by international cross-border ($203 billion), and local Europe funds ($147 billion). Fund flows in local Asia and Canada ranged between $26 billion and $36 billion, whereas Latin America continued to tail all regions with $1.5 billion.

New Funds In Global Markets: Q2 2014  Aug 18 2014
Long-term launches in Asia, Europe, and Cross-Border collected $64 billion during Q2 2014, split roughly 60-40 between Europe (including Cross-Border) and Asia.

Asia FlowWatch - June 2014  Aug 8 2014
Local Asia saw $8 billion in net long-term fund flows in June, of which $3.5 billion came from Taiwan. Equity funds led with $3.8 billion ($3.2 billion inflows in Taiwan vs. $2.3 billion in outflows in Japan), followed by Real Estate products ($2 billion mainly from Japan), and Mixed vehicles ($1.4 billion). Bond funds gathered $0.7 billion this month, as inflows from Japan and other Asian markets were offset by $3 billion in net redemptions in China. Bond High Yield was the top selling category for the fourth consecutive month, collecting $2.2 billion in June ($10.8 billion YTD). Meanwhile, Bond Emerging Market vehicles continued to suffer outflows of $1.6 billion for the month. At the product level, Yuanta/P-shares MSCI Taiwan ETF in Taiwan was the top selling fund with $2.1 billion net new flows. Altogether, Taiwanese ETFs collected $3.2 billion in

Europe FlowWatch - June 2014  Aug 8 2014
During June, long-term Cross-Border and local European funds collectively gathered €42 billion in net flows. Bond and Mixed funds each raised €15 billion, Equity funds €8 billion, and ‘Other’ funds, including absolute return and alternative vehicles, collected €4 billion.

ETF FlowWatch - June 2014  Aug 7 2014

Global FlowWatch - May 2014  Jul 17 2014
During May, investors deposited a net $106 billion globally into long-term mutual funds. This was the fourth consecutive month this year with net flows over $100 billion. Bond vehicles garnered about $52 billion or 49% of total long-term contributions, while equity, mixed, and other funds netted $22 billion, $25 billion, and $8 billion respectively. On a regional level, the US led the way collecting $37 billion, followed by international cross-border funds ($34 billion), local European products ($24 billion), and Asia at $9 billion. In contrast, Latin America suffered about $3 billion in net redemptions out of long-tem funds for the month.

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