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Global FlowWatch - November 2017  Jan 8 2018

ETF FlowWatch - November 2017  Jan 8 2018
Worldwide ETFs recorded $55 billion in net flows during November 2017. Equity ETFs led with $41 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity ETFs $11 billion and $2 billion, respectively. Global ETF assets rose to $4.707 trillion as of November 2017. ETFs in Asia took in $7 billion of net flows, mainly driven by Equity Japan amassing nearly $5 billion of inflows in Asia. ETFs in Europe garnered $12 billion of inflows primarily due to equity ETFs accumulating strong inflows of almost $8 billion. Franklin Templeton launched 16 passive ETFs to their lineup in November. The ETFs are market cap-weighted and benchmarked to various country and regional indices from the FTSE. The ETFs are listed on the NYSE Arca and amassed $89 million as of November.

3Q 2017 - Asia, Local Europe and Cross-Border   Dec 12 2017
Across Asia, Europe and Cross-Border markets, long-term funds launched during 3Q’17 garnered $67.4 billion in net new investor money. Though net subscriptions into Asian products increased compared to 2Q’17, they still fell short of their 1Q’17 result of over $60 billion. Nonetheless, the region led product development as its 957 new funds attracted higher net flows than local Europe and Cross-border products combined.

Global FlowWatch - October 2017  Dec 6 2017

ETF FlowWatch - October 2017  Dec 5 2017
In October, worldwide ETFs soared with $60 billion in net flows amid continued growth of the global stock markets. Equity ETFs led with $50 billion in net new money, followed by bond ETFs accumulating $11 billion. Meanwhile, commodity ETF products experienced net redemptions of nearly $1 billion. ETF assets surged to a record high of nearly $4.575 trillion globally. In the U.S., equity ETFs amassed $44 billion of net flows, more than tripling the amount of the month prior, with Equity US - Large Cap alone contributing $20 billion. Bond ETFs recorded $9 billion, while commodity ETF products remained flat. European ETFs gathered $8 billion in net new cash for the second month in a row, driven by Equity ETFs garnering $7 billion in net new money. ETFs in Asia, however, suffered $4.4 billion in net redemptions largely due to $4.1 billion being pulled out of the Equity Japan category.

ETF FlowWatch - September 2017  Nov 3 2017
Worldwide ETFs recorded $39 billion in net flows during September 2017. Equity ETFs led with $26 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) garnering almost $13 billion and $1 billion, respectively. ETF assets climbed to $4.442 trillion globally. In the U.S., Equity ETFs recorded $12 billion of net flows, pushed by Equity Global – Large Cap and Equity US – Mid/Small Cap, totaling a combined $8.7 billion for the month. Notably, Bond products gained $11 billion, mainly driven by $6.6 billion of net flows into Bond North America, while commodity (mostly gold ETFs) took in a moderate $1 billion. Nationwide Funds launched three ETFs, totaling $337 million in net new money. The three ETFs track indices developed by Rothschild Risk Based Investment LLC and TOBAM S.A.S that focus on volatility. The ETFs are currently listed on the NYSE Arca.

Global FlowWatch - September 2017  Nov 2 2017

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