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Global FlowWatch - March 2016  May 19 2016
Globally, long-term mutual funds gathered nearly $106 billion in net inflows during March, over 10 times higher than the February result. All major investment classes experienced net inflows for the month, with bond products leading the way collecting approximately $67 billion, followed by ‘other’ funds (which include absolute return, commodities, guaranteed, real estate and other alternative funds) with $31 billion. Equity and mixed vehicles garnered a collective $9 billion in net subscriptions. At the regional level, the U.S. attracted the greatest aggregate of new investor money across all regions, totaling roughly $43 billion in net contributions. Asia, Europe, Canada, and International/Cross-Border regions added about $65 billion collectively, while Latin America saw outflows of $1 billion for the month.

Europe FlowWatch - March 2016  May 4 2016
After two consecutive months of net withdrawals, investors in Europe deposited a net €30 billion in March, with cross-border products attracting more than two-thirds of the inflows, which reduced the Q1 total redemptions to €13 billion.  All major asset classes, excluding equity vehicles, recorded inflows during March. Bond products collected the most new money with approximately €18 billion, followed by 'other' funds which attracted about €12 billion. Equity funds experienced roughly €7 billion in net outflows for the month. At the category level, Alternative, Absolute Return, and Bond High Yield funds led with about €5 billion each in net new money. As opposed to Equity Europe and Equity Asia Pacific funds which collectively experienced approximately €12 billion in net redemptions in March.

Asia FlowWatch - March 2016  May 4 2016
In March 2016, long-term funds in Asia took in $25 billion in net flows, with China leading the way collecting $20 billion, followed by Japan gathering $6 billion, while India witnessed the most outflows at $4 billion. Bond funds, mostly Bond CNY products in China, garnered 17 billion in net new money, and Chinese guaranteed products added another $4 billion during March; in comparison, Mixed Flexible vehicles in China experienced over $4 billion in net redemptions. In addition, Chinese money market products saw over $40 billion in net outflows for the month. Overall during Q1, Chinese Investors switched to bond and guaranteed products amid market volatility and falling money market returns. At the product level, Japan's Nomura Topix Exchange Traded Fund raised $1.5 billion in net new money, and ICBCCS 7 Days Cash-Management Fund, a short-term domestic bond product in China, attracted $1.1 billion for the month.

ETF FlowWatch - March 2016  May 3 2016
ETF net flows worldwide totaled $45 billion during March 2016, the largest monthly net flows so far this year. Equity products garnered $23 billion of net new money, after suffering net redemptions in previous two months,while bond ETFs recorded $16 billion in net inflows. ETF assets globally grew to just over $3 trillion, benefiting from a broad market recovery during the month. In the U.S., equity products collected $19 billion in net new cash amid the recovery of equity market. Equity US - Large Cap led with inflows of over $8 billion, followed by Equity Emerging Market at nearly $6 billion. Bond products garnered over $16 billion in net new money, mainly to Bond USD and Bond USD- High Yield products.

Global FlowWatch - February 2016  Apr 22 2016
Globally, long-term mutual funds attracted nearly $12 billion in net flows during February. “Other” funds, which include alternative investments, real estate and guaranteed products, led all major asset classes by gathering $27 billion, followed by bond products with $2.4 billion. Equity vehicles experienced a collective $16 billion in net redemptions, the largest outflows of any asset class, while mixed funds only saw outflows of $2 billion during the month. At the regional level, Local Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report assets on a quarterly basis) once again attracted the most amount of new investor money among all regions, totaling $13.4 billion in net contributions, while the U.S. and Canada added $10 billion and $6 billion, respectively. Cross-border, Local Europe, and Latin America saw collective outflows of $17.2 billion for the month.

ETF FlowWatch - February 2016  Apr 8 2016
ETF net flows worldwide reached $10 billion during February 2016, slightly lower than prior month’s $12 billion. Equity products experienced net withdrawals of $13 billion, which was completely offset by the same amount of bond fund inflows. Commodity (mostly Gold products) and other ETFs added another $10 billion. ETF assets stood at $2.8 trillion globally. In the U.S., equity products suffered $15 billion in net redemptions amid market volatility. On the other hand, Bond USD garnered over $8 billion in net new money. In addition, Gold products attracted over $5 billion in net flows.

Europe FlowWatch - February 2016  Apr 5 2016
During the month of February, investors redeemed a net €13.6 billion from long-term funds in European and cross-border markets. Bond and equity vehicles saw the most net redemptions at €9 billion and €7 billion, respectively. At the category level, Alternative funds led with about €3.6 billion in net new flows, while Commodities followed with €2.9 billion. Equity Asia Pacific, Bond Global, and Bond Europe collectively experienced €9.4 billion in net redemptions for the month. JP Morgan's Global Macro Opportunities fund, domiciled in Luxembourg, was the best-selling fund in Europe as well as in the cross-border space gathering over €1.1 billion in net new flows, partly contributed by Asian investors. The fund aims to achieve capital appreciation in excess of its cash benchmark by investing mainly in securities, globally, using financial derivative instruments where applicable.

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