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“Glocal” Retirement: A Global Challenge  Apr 18 2018
Based on unique international perspectives while using a case study approach, this study explores some of the major current retirement issues and trends in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. In particular, it describes the transformation of the U.S. retirement market from accumulation to decumulation of products and services. It also assesses the diminishing role of the employer and the shifting of pension reliance onto the individual in Canada. Finally, it examines investment and withdrawal retirement trends in Australia.

Global FlowWatch - February 2018  Apr 6 2018

ETF FlowWatch - February 2018  Apr 5 2018
ETF net flows worldwide slowed down significantly to $10 billion during February 2018, compared to $98 billion of net deposits in January. Equity products only saw $1 billion in net flows, suffering a decrease of $81 billion from the prior month, while bond and commodity products recorded $5 billion each in net new money. ETF assets dropped to $4.935 trillion globally. In the U.S., equity product suffered $13 billion in net redemptions amid market volatility. On the other hand, bond products gathered $2 billion of inflows while commodity products took in $1 billion in net flows. ETFs in Europe garnered $9 billion of inflows, mainly driven by equity products. European bond and commodity products saw modest inflows of $2 billion and $1 billion, respectively. ETFs in Asia also received net subscriptions of nearly $9 billion, primarily due to large inflows of nearly $5.5 billion from Equity Japan.

4Q 2017 - Asia, Local Europe and Cross-Border  Mar 16 2018
During 4Q’17, $79.2 billion was deposited into newly launched long-term funds across Asia, Europe and cross-border markets. Despite fewer new products than during the previous quarter, Asia still led in terms of net new flows with $39.6 billion. Meanwhile, net subscriptions into new local Europe funds fell to $19.6 billion, whereas net deposits into cross-border funds rose to $20 billion.

Evolving Opportunities across the Chinese Fund Market  Mar 14 2018
Over the past decade, China has remained one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, averaging roughly 8% per annum in economic growth. Although various asset managers have long sought to participate in this quickly expanding market, it has remained rather challenging for foreign firms to enter. Nonetheless, recent technological, behavioral, and regulatory developments have been shaping new opportunities for asset managers. Some of these changes include innovations in the way financial products can be accessed, changes in the demand patterns of Chinese investors, and the introduction of several measures to gradually liberalize China’s financial markets.

Global FlowWatch - January 2018  Mar 7 2018

ETF FlowWatch - January 2018  Mar 6 2018
Worldwide ETFs surged in January 2018, amassing the largest inflows ever recorded to the tune of $98 billion amid the robust expansion of the U.S. stock markets. Driven by the strong annual flows, the global ETF AUM surpassed $5.1 trillion in assets. In the U.S. equity ETFs attracted $59 billion of inflows, while bond products gathered $9 billion in net new cash. Equity US – Large Cap led with nearly $28 billion of inflows. SPDR S&P 500 ETF, a product that tracks S&P, alone accounted for $13.2 billion in net new money. Amundi MSCI World Energy UCITS ETF - EUR (C) was the largest ETF new launch in January, accumulating $229 million in net new money. The ETF is benchmarked to the MSCI World Energy Index in Euros and is domiciled in Luxembourg. During January, Amundi launched 11 new ETFs.

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