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Global FlowWatch - July 2017  Sep 6 2017

ETF FlowWatch - July 2017  Sep 6 2017
ETF flows worldwide slowed down noticeably to $40 billion during July 2016, following $62 billion of net deposits in June. Equity products brought in majority of the net flows at $27 billion, while bond products added $14 billion. Commodity and other ETFs (mostly Alt- Leveraged/Inverse products) experienced net withdrawals of $2 billion. Global ETF assets rose to $4.274 trillion as of July 2017. The Ireland-domiciled iShares Diverisified Commodity SWAP UCITS USD ETF was the largest ETF new launch in July, attracting $521 million in net flows. The ETF seeks to track the performance of an index which offers indirect exposure to commodities through the use of a total return swap. The Fund is benchmarked to the Bloomberg Commodity (Total Return Index) and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

2Q 2017 - Asia, Local Europe and Cross-Border  Aug 24 2017
Across Asia, Europe and Cross-border markets, about $58 billion was deposited into 1,277 newly launched long-term funds. Net subscriptions into new Asian products dropped nearly 60% since 1Q’17. Across European and Cross-border markets, net sales also decelerated, but to a much smaller extent than in Asia. Combined, local Europe and international funds attracted $33 billion in net new flows, which represents 57% of the total new cash garnered across the three regions.

ETF FlowWatch - June 2017  Aug 3 2017
June was another month of strong inflows for ETFs globally, as net deposits totaled $62 billion. ETFs worldwide surged with $147 billion of inflows in the second quarter of 2017 and over $340 billion in the first half of the year. ETF assets continued to rise and stood at $4.146 trillion globally. ETFs in Europe recorded $9 billion of net flows in June. Notably, Bond EUR and Bond Emerging Markets saw inflows of more than $3.5 billion between them, followed by Equity US – Large Cap with $862 million in net subscriptions. ETFs in Asia amassed $6 billion in June, following net subscriptions of nearly $1 billion in May. IndexIQ launched five new ETFs in June, totaling nearly $350 million in net new money. The ETFs are screened to meet SRI criteria and fundamentally weighted by tracking among a range of indices from the Solactive Candriam Factors Sustainable Index Family. The ETFs are listed on the Paris Euronext Stock Exchange and cross listed on the Amsterdam Euronext Exchange.

Global FlowWatch - June 2017  Aug 2 2017

ETF FlowWatch - May 2017  Jul 7 2017
During May, worldwide ETFs accumulated $45 billion in net flows amid continued growth of the global stock markets. Equity ETFs led with $28 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) garnering $15 billion and $2 billion, respectively. ETF assets set a new record and surpassed $4 trillion globally. ETFs in Europe garnered $12 billion of inflows, mainly driven equity products. European bond and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) products saw modest inflows of $3 billion and $1 billion, respectively. Meanwhile, ETFs in Asia received net subscriptions of $300 million due to large net redemptions of $1.2 billion from Alt– Leveraged/Inverse products. iShares MSCI Europe Mid Cap UCITS ETF EUR (Acc) was the largest ETF new launch in May, accumulating $519 million in net new money. The ETF is benchmarked to the MSCI Europe Mid Cap Index and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Global FlowWatch - May 2017  Jul 7 2017

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