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Asia FlowWatch - July 2014  Sep 10 2014
Local Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw $10.8 billion in net long-term fund flows in July, of which $8 billion came from Japan. Bond funds led with $4 billion: $3.3 billion inflows in Japan offset by $1.3 billion outflows in India after an increase on capital gains tax on bond funds. Real Estate products followed with $2.4 billion mainly from Japan, while Mixed vehicles and Equity funds each gathered at least $1.5 billion. Real Estate was the top selling category this month, collecting $2.4 billion in July and $12.3 billion YTD. Meanwhile, Equity Asia Pacific vehicles suffered outflows of $1.4 billion for the month, in contrast to $1.7 billion inflows in June.

Europe FlowWatch - July 2014  Sep 10 2014
During July, long-term Cross-Border and local European funds collectively gathered €50 billion in net flows. Bond and mixed products led with €19 billion and €13 billion, respectively, followed by Equity products (€12.5 billion, 80% of the flows coming from the Cross-Border region) and Other vehicles (€7.5 billion). Guaranteed funds saw €2.2 billion in net redemptions for the month. At the category level, Bond Europe collected €12.5 billion, more than double that of last month and the highest recorded inflows for the category since it was tracked in 2005. Bond Global and Equity Asia Pacific also saw meaningful inflows of €7.6 billion and €5.6 billion. Meanwhile, Bond High Yield suffered outflows of €5.3 billion, the first month of net outflows since June 2013.

ETF FlowWatch - July 2014  Sep 9 2014

Strong and Steady Expansion Bring in $660 Billion  Aug 25 2014
During the first six months of this year, equity/mixed, bond, and other long-term mutual funds and ETFs around the world expanded with strong and steady commitments. June marked the fifth consecutive month of $100+ billion inflows, bringing the 1H’14 global fund net flows to an estimated $658 billion.

Global FlowWatch - June 2014  Aug 20 2014
Investors globally contributed $670 billion of new cash to long-term mutual funds during the first half of this year. Notably, bond funds accounted for 35% of the long-term fund flows worldwide, or $237 billion, while equity funds also took in about a third ($211 billion) of the net new money. Meanwhile, mixed and ‘other’ products garnered $155 billion and $67 billion, respectively. On a regional level, US funds led the way with almost $258 billion, followed by international cross-border ($203 billion), and local Europe funds ($147 billion). Fund flows in local Asia and Canada ranged between $26 billion and $36 billion, whereas Latin America continued to tail all regions with $1.5 billion.

New Funds In Global Markets: Q2 2014  Aug 18 2014
Long-term launches in Asia, Europe, and Cross-Border collected $64 billion during Q2 2014, split roughly 60-40 between Europe (including Cross-Border) and Asia.

Asia FlowWatch - June 2014  Aug 8 2014
Local Asia saw $8 billion in net long-term fund flows in June, of which $3.5 billion came from Taiwan. Equity funds led with $3.8 billion ($3.2 billion inflows in Taiwan vs. $2.3 billion in outflows in Japan), followed by Real Estate products ($2 billion mainly from Japan), and Mixed vehicles ($1.4 billion). Bond funds gathered $0.7 billion this month, as inflows from Japan and other Asian markets were offset by $3 billion in net redemptions in China. Bond High Yield was the top selling category for the fourth consecutive month, collecting $2.2 billion in June ($10.8 billion YTD). Meanwhile, Bond Emerging Market vehicles continued to suffer outflows of $1.6 billion for the month. At the product level, Yuanta/P-shares MSCI Taiwan ETF in Taiwan was the top selling fund with $2.1 billion net new flows. Altogether, Taiwanese ETFs collected $3.2 billion in

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