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Global FlowWatch - December 2014  Feb 19 2015
In December, investors deposited a net $9.2 billion into long-term funds globally, closing the year with about $1.1 trillion in net flows. Bond funds saw the most flows for the year at $375 billion, closely followed by equity products ($306 billion) and mixed vehicles ($283 billion), while “Other” funds garnered $104 billion in net new money

New Funds In Global Markets: Q4 2014  Feb 13 2015
Long-term launches in Asia, Europe, and Cross-Border collected $54 billion during Q4 2014, with Asia accounting for two thirds of net sales. In Asia, new long-term product sales totaled $32 billion in Q4: China led new fund sales across all major asset classes with $19 billion. Equity funds garnered $13.4 billion in net new flows, mixed investments $9.4 billion, and bond products $7 billion. “Other” products, including alternatives, collected $1 billion, while real estate and guaranteed vehicles gathered around $0.5 billion each. Fullgoal launched the CSI SOE Reform Index, which tracks the CSI State-Owned Enterprises Reform Index. The reform of China’s SOEs is part of the government’s agenda to increase efficiency and profitability of SOEs through mixed ownership.

Key Themes for the Global Investment Management Industry in 2015  Feb 10 2015
2014 was another year of record net inflows for mutual funds around the world, totaling over $1 trillion, with gains driven by engagement with investment funds around persistent demand for bond and income strategies and their promise of lower volatility. Asset allocation solutions including their global (and away from home-bias) diversification, combined with selected growth themes as the world economy recovers, further boosted inflows. As a result, assets under management are nearing a record $40 trillion worldwide and may reach or exceed $55 trillion by 2020.

Europe FlowWatch - December 2014  Feb 6 2015
For December 2014, investors deposited a net €11 billion into long-term mutual funds in both local Europe and cross-border markets. Mixed products led across asset types with €11 billion, and ‘other’ vehicles garnered around €3 billion, while bond fund flows were flat for the month, as €7 billion of new money into Bond Europe was largely compensated by the net outflows from Bond High Yield. In addition, equity strategies saw net redemptions of about €4 billion. The UniInstitutional European Real Estate from Union Investment in Germany was the best-selling fund in the region gathering €0.8 billion in net new cash mostly from institutional investors.

Asia FlowWatch - December 2014  Feb 6 2015
Local Asia saw $4.5 billion in net long-term fund flows during December, of which $12 billion came from Japan, which was, however, largely offset by the redemptions in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Bond funds raised $8 billion (85% from China), followed by equity products ($6.2 billion mainly from Japan), while mixed vehicles recorded $11 billion in net outflows ($12 billion in net redemptions in China).   Equity Japan was the top selling category for the month, collecting $5.4 billion in December. Consequently, Nomura Nikkei 225 Exchange Traded Fund in Japan was the best selling product with $1.3 billion in net new money for the month.

ETF FlowWatch - December 2014  Feb 5 2015
After $50 billion of inflows in December, worldwide ETF assets stood at $2.7 trillion at the end of 2014. The U.S. continues to be the largest ETF market, with assets of $2.0 trillion and inflows of $47 billion in December. Worldwide, ETFs saw inflows of $308 billion in 2014, with $228 billion coming from the U.S.

Global FlowWatch - November 2014  Jan 16 2015
In November, investors poured $95 billion net into long-term funds globally, adding up to $1 trillion in net flows year-to-date. Bond programs accounted for 45%, or $43 billion, of the total long-term flows, equity funds gathered $29 billion, mixed vehicles received $20 billion, while ‘other’ products saw $3 billion in net new money for the month. In terms of region, the US consisted of more than half of the November contributions with $52 billion, closely followed by Europe, which includes local and cross-border vehicles, collecting $44 billion; Canada added over $4 billion, while Asia and Latin America experienced $4 billion and $1 billion in net redemptions, respectively.

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