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Asia FlowWatch - December 2015  Feb 2 2016
In December, long-term funds in Asia saw about $46.7 billion in net flows, $37 billion of which was contributed by China, followed by Japan with $10 billion. Mixed asset products garnered nearly $21 billion in net new money mainly from China, while equity funds collected around $10 billion largely from Japan. Throughout 2015, long-term funds in Asia took in $309 billion, the largest net flows since 2007. Mixed Flexible continued to be the top selling category during December, collecting $17 billion in net sales, and Bond Asia Pacific and Equity Asia Pacific each added over $8 billion of net deposits. In contrast, Bond High Yield vehicles experienced net redemptions of $1.3 billion for the month.

Europe FlowWatch - December 2015  Feb 2 2016
Investors in Europe deposited a net €15.3 billion in December and an aggregate €358.3 billion through the past year. 2015 net flows were almost evenly split between cross-border and local European products. During December, Equity, mixed, and 'other' products garnered a combined €25.7 billion in new money. However, this was partly offset by the €10 billion redeemed by investors from bond vehicles. At the category level, Equity Europe fund led with about €14 billion , while Alternative and Equity Global took in €4 billion and €3 billion respectively. Meanwhile, Bond High Yield, Bond Emerging Markets, and Equity North America collectively experienced €8.3 billion in net redemptions for the month. Union Investment's Uniglobal was the bestselling fund in the month with €0.8 billion. The Equity Global fund directs about 52% of its investments in North America, 18% in the Eurozone and 14% in other European countries. Uniglobal manages €4.6 billion as December 2015.

ETF FlowWatch - December 2015  Jan 27 2016
ETF flows worldwide in December totaled $51 billion, an increase of 76% compared to November’s $29 billion. ETF products globally attracted a record level of $373 billion in net flows throughout 2015. ETF assets worldwide stood at just shy of $3 trillion. The U.S. contributed nearly two-thirds of the total 2015 flows or $235 billion, which was followed by Europe and Asia with $81 billion and $41 billion, respectively. SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF, an active bond ETF subadvised by DoubleLine Capital, was the biggest ETF new launch collecting over $1.8 billion in assets since its inception in February 2015. Smart beta ETF products, defined as “Fundamental Index ETFs” in Simfund database, attracted $44 billion in net flows over the past year, similar to the results in 2013 and 2014.

ETF FlowWatch - November 2015  Jan 4 2016
ETFs worldwide continued to attract strong inflows in November totaling $30 billion, following $39 billion of net deposits in October. Equity products garnered net inflows of $27 billion, while bond products only collected $1 billion in net new cash for the month. Global ETF flows year-to-date through November reached $319 billion, and ETF assets stood at almost $3 trillion globally. Capital SZSE SME Price Index Exchange Traded Fund domiciled in Taiwan was the biggest ETF new launch in November, attracting $88 million in net flows. It was the first Taiwan-listed ETF tracking Mainland China’s small-to-medium-size (SME) companies. The fund joins other 10 ETFs tracking Mainland China stock markets available on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE).

ETF FlowWatch - October 2015  Dec 7 2015
ETF flows worldwide in October totaled $39 billion, an increase of 62.5% compared to September’s $24 billion. Equity products regained popularity among investors after recent stock market corrections, garnering $24 billion this month. Global ETF flows year-to- date through October reached $288 billion while ETF assets worldwide remained almost $3 trillion.The U.S. saw the biggest net inflows of $31 billion, with equity funds attracting $20 billion and bond products contributing the remaining $11 billion. One investment grade USD Corporate bond ETF and two USD high-yield bond products topped October’s best-selling list, each collecting over $2 billion in net inflows. BRJ iShares TOPIX ETF was the biggest ETF new launch in October, attracting $363 million in net flows. The TOPIX ETF is one of the four new ETFs launched by Blackrock in Japan this month, adding to iShares’ Japanese equity product line, particularly catering to domestic regional banks and global investors.

Asia FlowWatch - October 2015  Dec 3 2015
In October 2015, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw about $12 billion in net flows, $5 billion of which came from India, followed by China ($3 billion) and Taiwan ($1.3 billion). Bond products led with almost $4 billion mainly from India, and other asset classes also attracted healthy inflows during the month. Bond Asia Pacific was the top selling category, raising close to $5 billion, while guaranteed/protect and equity Asia Pacific gathered around $2 billion each. In contrast, bond high yield vehicles experienced outflows of $0.5 billion for the month. Samsung KODEX200 ETF in Korea and CCB Principal AnXin Guaranteed Hybrid Fund in China were the best-selling products in Asia and each collected $0.8 billion in October.

Europe FlowWatch - October 2015  Dec 3 2015
European Investors deposited a net €30 billion in long term funds during October, with €23 billion or almost 80% coming from cross-border products. All major asset classes recorded inflows in October: Equity products garnered the most new money with €17 billion, followed by mixed/multi-asset and 'other' funds which attracted about €5 billion each. Bond vehicles added €2 billion for the month. At the category level, equity Europe funds led with about €11 billion, while alternative, equity global, bond high yield, and mixed conservative funds followed with €3 billion each. Meanwhile, bond global and guaranteed products experienced collective redemptions of about €3 billion during the month.

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