About Strategic Insight Global

Through our Global Research service, we help our clients analyze and respond to the challenges facing the asset management industry. We not only support investment companies in their international efforts, but also address the fundamentals of future success that go beyond the details of individual markets.

Our research focuses on product trends, changing investment preferences, the evolution of distribution channels, customer retention and relationship management, performance and competitive positioning, and overall industry direction, among other critical issues.

Strategic Insight Global offers weekly commentary, analysis, and data on industry developments worldwide. Please refer to the list of all Global reports written in the past year.

We work individually with our global clients to support their specific research needs and initiatives. Our expanding contacts and relationships with the leading investment companies in Europe and elsewhere are often drawn upon with respect to specific business opportunities. In addition, our research team collects and tracks the majority of the publicly available data on the key fund industries around the world, which we use to help our clients to identify change and opportunities.

To discuss how we can be of assistance through our Global service, please contact Jag Alexeyev, Senior Managing Director, at (1) 212-944-4456 or e-mail Jag@sionline.com.