About Strategic Insight

For more than 25 years, Strategic Insight has been at the forefront of thorough, unbiased mutual fund industry research and business intelligence. We believe in the mutual fund industry. Our core mission has always been to strengthen the industry and help our clients succeed in the global marketplace by providing them with the research, data and analytical support they need to identify product and distribution opportunities and make smart business decisions. As sincere industry advocates, we provide products and services to a wide range of clients, including executives from more than 200 investment management and insurance companies, distributors, investment banks, hedge funds, consultants and law firms.

Strategic Insight sets the standard for trusted business intelligence and mutual fund analysis. We offer the most comprehensive, accurate mutual fund information available to help our clients direct their efforts wisely and grow their businesses. Strategic Insight’s parent company, Asset International, delivers critical, cutting-edge data, research and marketing programs to mutual fund companies, banks, asset managers and insurance companies worldwide.

Strategic Insight and MFS:
Trusted Partners

"Strategic Insight has a well-defined method of collecting the data. Beyond having a formula for coming up with the information, it has a process for ensuring its accuracy. This is something Strategic Insight does very well". —Levine