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Simfund® Mutual Fund Database



Simfund® MF 5.0 is a current and comprehensive historical database of over 32,000 U.S.-based open and closed mutual funds, fund-of-funds and ETF's. Simfund® contains thousands of data fields and fund details, including assets, cash flows, volatility, portfolio statistics, sales loads, detailed expenses, advisory fee breakpoints, service providers and now official performance data, rankings and ratings from all major third party sources.

Simfund® MF 5.0 integrates information from S&P, a comprehensive data set from Morningstar (800+ items), ICI and SEC N-SAR filings together with Strategic Insight's own extensive research. Additionally, over 700 Lipper data items can be integrated into Simfund® through an optional module. Key content areas include:

  • Asset and Flow Data : Assets, Cash flows, Volatility, Market Shares, Distribution Channels, Sales Loads and Commissions.
  • Fee and Expense Data : Historical Fees and Schedules, Breakpoints, Hypotheticals, 12b-1 Plans and Uses, T.A. and Custody Fees, Subadvisory fees and breakpoints (including multiple sub-advisers).
  • Portfolio Data : Portfolio composition, flags (index funds, 529 funds, redemption charging funds, fund of funds), top 10 portfolio holdings.
  • Performance Data : Official performance data, rankings and ratings from Morningstar, S&P and (optional) Lipper.



Simfund® MF 5.0 is geared to equip users with the ability to access and analyze data at the fund level or other aggregates including management company, investment objective, Morningstar categories, Lipper Classifications, S&P Styles, pricing structure and more. Together with powerful, proprietary software functionality, these features make Simfund® the premier tool industry professionals rely on to perform a host of functions including:

  • Competitive Intelligence and benchmarking
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Fee and expense analysis
  • Product development and fund consolidation
  • Merger and Acquisition and lift-out targeting
  • Overall industry trend analysis and monitoring
  • Executive, board and regulatory presentations
  • Sub-advisory targeting and monitoring



Simfund® MF 5.0 provides the following unique software features for your reporting needs:

Powerful query features
Select and analyze funds within peer groups of distribution segment, investment objective or style, pricing structure, etc.

Morningstar, S&P and Lipper Official performance data, integrated into one platform
Create reports and graphs using official performance ratings, rankings and percentiles from all three major vendors, and combine them with SI proprietary asset, flow and fee data.

Presentation-quality reports and Graphs
Produce pre-formatted presentations/ dashboard Portfolio Profiles/ Graphs or design your own reports, which can be exported to Excel or other Windows software.

Automated reporting
Save queries/reports and get an automatic update with every monthly release.

Instant Link to SEC Filings
Track the most recent changes via documents filed with the SEC. Link is available to subscribers to SI's FundFiling service.

ICI Trends
ICI data is included as a standard feature. Simfund® also provides an interface to the ICI Confidential and Consortium data, accessible to participating members.

For further information contact:

Rita Leytush
(212) 944-4466


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