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Intermediary Distribution

SI's Intermediary Distribution Practice provides unique research and insights into the intermediary-sold fund distribution marketplace, based on a variety of sources – including our proprietary Simfund Pro, 7.0 database and SI surveys of asset managers. This research covers market sizing of distribution channels, growth trends within the intermediary-sold space, investor demand trends across channels, share class pricing nuances, and more.

The content underlying the research practice is detailed below:

Costs of External Distribution Survey

In this annual report, SI examines the cost of fund distribution from the perspective of the financial arrangements between fund managers and their third-part distribution partners. This survey covers a range of areas previously lacking aggregate transparency and benchmarking – including third party transfer agent costs, revenue sharing payments, and other related expense details.

Fund Sales Survey

This annual study of sales trends by channel and by share class pricing structure is based on surveys and interviews of 40+ fund firms selling primarily through financial intermediaries (in 2012 our survey group accounted for more than $925 billion of actual sales). This study provides unique data, benchmarking and analysis around the use of different share classes and the growth of intermediary-sold channels (with historical data back to 2006).