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529 College Savings

The 529 College Savings Practice provides in-depth analysis, commentary and data across key areas within the 529 industry. Our research covers the latest marketing and distribution trends, insight into 529 fees, performance and investment lineups along with other key market trends impacting the competitive landscape of the college savings industry

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In this research report, SI provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the college savings industry and key trends driving growth over the next five years. It provides actionable advice on how current market participants can enhance their product development, marketing and distribution. The report guides current and potential industry entrants on how to position strategically against the industry leaders, based on: proprietary surveys of investors, advisers dedicated to the college savings industry and product providers; one-onone interviews; and 529 savings plan and 529 prepaid plan market sizing forecasts. This cornerstone industry report provides a reference tool for market participants to better position their firms for the future within the college savings marketplace.

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